Tuesday, January 22, 2019

For a second I thought I was ready to talk about it

But, no, I am not ready yet.

It would be great if someone would tell the grifting lawyers  and cynical brands all trying to capitalize on the moment to shut the fuck up for a minute, though.
Now Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has joined the chorus of derision over the "No Call" debacle in the NFC Championship game on Sunday.

The day after the game, the fried chicken giant posted to Twitter a blurry photo, perhaps showing a box of chicken, with only a hashtag for explanation: #refereechicken.
Ha ha, very amusing, Popeyes.  But, hey, you were supposed to take care of all this for us, Sunday.  We had the talisman mounted and in place and everything.

Chicken talisman

Chicken in the sun

You had one job, Popeyes. And here you're trying to be all clever on the internet now...

look i'm really not ready to talk about this yet

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