Sunday, January 27, 2019

I guess I was finally ready to talk about it a little bit

Here is the show we did this week about the terrible football outcome. It covers a lot of things but I'm not sure it really gets at what I want to say.  For example, I am extremely wary of the various acts of self-promotion various politicians, brands, lawyers, and other grifters are wallowing in so that they might capitalize off of everyone's misery. For example, this says "Boycott Bowl" is supposed to benefit the New Orleans Recreation Development Foundation which raises a ton of questions for me that maybe need to be revisited later.  There's more. But I'll save it for after the 'cast.

Personally I'm at the stage where I can make myself look at the game highlights but I really can't start thinking about offseason type stuff just yet.  Maybe after the Superbowl... oh but that's when we can talk about the Democratic primary, isn't it?

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