Thursday, December 20, 2018

#CityOfYesTR-day's news

The pro-Airbnb lobbying group Alliance for Neighborhood Prosperity has "parted ways" with its sometimes-coherent head, Eric Bay.  His replacement seems to have even wackier ideas about stuff.
Meanwhile, the largest pro-short-term rental group, the Alliance for Neighborhood Prosperity, announced the departure on Wednesday of its president, Eric Bay. The organization will now be led by Mary Margaret Keane, a realtor who filed an ethics complaint against Palmer over the summer because Palmer briefly held a short-term rental license that she said she returned without using.
Councilmember supposedly trying to rein in STR abuse had a legal STR license so the pro-STR people are mad at her.. or something.

Oh also in that story, a bunch of people took over the lobby during the council meeting today to speak out against the short term rental effect on affordable housing. Kristin Palmer's proposed motion on the matter has been deferred to January 10.

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