Wednesday, December 19, 2018

They grow up so fast

Everybody got such interesting jobs after graduation.
The ranks of Baton Rouge lobbyists are thick with former lawmakers. Erich Ponti left the Legislature in mid-2015 to head the Louisiana Asphalt Pavement Association. Ann Duplessis is now the president for the Louisiana Federation for Children, which advocates for charter schools. Anthony Ligi represents the Jefferson Business Council. Another former House speaker, Chuck Kleckley, advocates on behalf of casinos and makers of body cameras. Mike Michot’s clients range from local governments to grocery stores.
The "revolving door" phenomenon is one of the oldest stories in politics. That doesn't make it any less relevant.  It's just that it's difficult to see what the solution is besides just let's do our best to deny power to corrupt assholes.  And aren't we trying to do that already? One thjng that might help would be to get rid of term limits. At least that way we might keep some of the corrupt assholes out where the voters can see them a bit longer.

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