Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Hollywood magic

Hey look they figured out how to make 25 cents into five dollars. Wonder how they did that. Must be movie magic.
Critics of the state's film incentive program have long questioned the value to the state. Economic studies, commissioned by the state every two years, have estimated that the program generates 20 to 25 cents in state revenue for every $1 awarded in credits. Film boosters have grumbled that the studies are unfair.

The state expects this spring to release the latest economic-impact analysis of the film program, and they expect this one will be more positive.

This one will show what has changed since the 2017 revamp, said Revenue Secretary Kimberly Robinson, who accompanied Edwards on this week's trip. She expects it will show that each $1 in incentives generates $5 in "economic activity" in the state.
Either that or they carefully shopped around and bought themselves a friendlier economist this time.  But, no, it's probably the magic thing. 

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