Saturday, October 27, 2018

What is John Bel doing in Israel?

The Governor took off with a host of state officials and press in tow for the middle east this week to attend meetings with government and business leaders there. The meat of their trip would appear to be centered on "cybersecurity."
Edwards says the trip stems from his position as co-chairman of the National Governors Association’s Resource Center for State Cybersecurity. The NGA’s cybersecurity conference will be held in the Shreveport area in May 2019.

Edwards says Louisiana can learn from Israel’s work and research on cybersecurity.
Previously Edwards declared October to be "Cybersecurity Awareness Month"
saying also that we should all be very afraid during this time.
"There are more threats out there than you can imagine," Edwards said during a proclamation-signing ceremony on Thursday. "If you think about it too much, you almost can't even sleep at night."
The problem a lot of us are having, though, is we can't be properly freaked out if they won't tell us what it is we are supposed to freak out about.  Edwards refused to identify any of these specific threats that were keeping him up at night.  There was a guy there from something called the "Cyber Innovation Center" who said only that "Our adversaries are extremely capable," and "The threats are real."

Who knows what they mean by that?  From the looks of things the "threat" they've been most concerned with this year has been environmental activists mildly annoying the progess of construction on the Bayou Bridge pipeline. 

We do know Edwards and his entourage are hoping to come back from Israel with all sorts of new ideas about stuff to throw money at just in case that helps. That probably has something to do with explaining the anti-BDS order the Governor signed in May.  Wouldn't want anybody's scruples over supporting a terror state get in the way of contractors doing business.  That would really keep some people up at night.

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