Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Most haunted house stories are about gentrification

This seems sort of in line with that.
Since moving to New Orleans five years ago (a span about which Juarez is both forthright and somewhat abashed), he's seen similar patterns of displacement. The genesis of "The Subletter's Omen" was the unexpected loss of a Mid-City neighbor, “Ms. Audrey,” who was forced to relocate to Kenner when her rent jumped from $750 to $1,350.

"She'd been on our block for a long time," Juarez says, "someone who was always on the porch, talking to people, feeding the cats. Now there's an Airbnb there. The house next to us is an Airbnb too, and on the corner is a giant place that's been divided up into four Airbnbs. And this is Mid-City, not Bywater! I felt in a way that when we lost Ms. Audrey the neighborhood lost its heart."

That painful farewell became the opening of “The Subletter's Omen.”

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