Friday, October 26, 2018

Do we even know how to Mardi Gras anymore

One of the nice things about Chewbacchus getting huge in recent years was the way it drew some of the crowd off of the Uptown route on the first Saturday night. Those of us who have spent the past decade or so arguing for a more diverse Carnival schedule with parades in different neighborhoods felt vindicated by this, admittedly anecdotal, evidence in our favor.

Well now the cops have had enough of all that.
The popular Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus Carnival parade will roll on Saturday, Feb. 9 in 2019, two weeks earlier than its usual slot on the Mardi Gras parade calendar. Brooke Ethridge, the co-captain of the science fiction-oriented parade, said that she was made aware of the change during a routine check-in with City Hall.

Ethridge said that a city representative informed the krewe that some parades would be moved to earlier dates in order for the New Orleans Police Department to provide the best security.
So weird that with all their fancy new predictive policing and stuff they still aren't able to handle some people walking down the street on a pre-published route for a few hours. 

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