Thursday, October 25, 2018

Leon isn't going to run

I mean it's early but think about it.
But whether he will face off against Cannizzaro, who will be 67 in 2020, is unclear. The district attorney, who is nearing the end of his second six-year term, has not said publicly whether he will seek re-election. On Wednesday, he declined to answer questions on the matter directly, instead referring an Advocate reporter to his spokesman.

The spokesman later issued a statement that did little to clarify Cannizzaro's plans. The statement said that "the job aspirations of others are immaterial," and that Cannizzaro and his staff "remain focused on doing our jobs of prosecuting criminals, enforcing our laws and advocating for the many crime victims of New Orleans."
I know I know.... just gonna focus on the process.. etc.  Great way to get in the mood for Bama Week.  But, again, what are the odds that a guy already passed retirement age is going to want to run in what looks to be a tough election and then have to go back and do six more years of  grinding away at The Process?  I wouldn't, would you?

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