Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Who wants to run for Sec of State?

The talk is there's a vacancy.
Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler, who has been embroiled in allegations that he sexually harassed an employee for several years, will resign from office next week.

"I leave the office with a heavy heart knowing I have disappointed the people in my life who care for me the most," Schedler said in a resignation letter effective May 8. "But I have also experienced from them the miraculous power of forgiveness and grace during the twilight of my career, and for that I am grateful."

First Assistant Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin will take over Schedler's duties  until a special election can be held this fall, likely Nov. 6. That will include running this year's mid-term Congressional elections.
I might be wrong about this but I believe the winner of the special election would have to run again in 2019 when Schedler's term is technically up.  If that's true it's still important since the winner would have the magic of Incumbency behind them next year. This is a statewide office and kind of an important one.  Schedler may be a creep, but at least he refused to cooperate with the Trumpist voter suppression effort last year.  There's no guarantee the next Sec of State will make a similar decision in the future.

As usual it's difficult to imagine the state Democratic party is on top of this. Last year, they completely ignored the race for State Treasurer until it was way past too late.  And look how that turned out.

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