Thursday, May 03, 2018

Jeff Landry must not have gotten his inaugrual ball invite yet

Jeff Landry wants to clear up some "misinformation."  He does this by offering us no actual information.
The Landry statement says: "Our investigation in New Orleans is still ongoing and it is more widespread than just the Mayor-Elect. The Legislative Auditor is also involved to examine the City's spending practices. We look forward to his audit's conclusion and will not make a prosecutorial decision until at least such time."
We already know the Legislative Auditor is doing that.  What is Landry's office doing? What does "more widespread" mean?  Does it mean waiting on the Auditor's report?  He says he's not going to conclude his... whatever he's doing.. until "at least" the time the report comes out. Which means he might keep randomly issuing uninformative statements like this periodically. At least until he's done running for Governor.

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