Monday, May 21, 2018

Resilience fatigue

Take a look around outside this week and see how many palm trees you can spot that are starting to come back now and which ones may not have made it through the Blizzard Of 2018. The chances are most of them did okay

Palm tree

You can see a lot of them like this around with the green coming back in on top. A similar indicator is observable at the Broad Theater, by the way.

The green shoots aren't always so easy to spot, though. Especially in places where they've had to re-sprout multiple times already.
The rising flood waters came as a frightening sight for Sonnier who runs Gabrielle Restaurant.

"We were probably going to open, I want to say maybe, we were planning to open the week after the flood."

The waters gave Sonnier flashbacks of what happened last year. He says just as he was about to finish renovations, it was hit twice by the July and August flooding. Before that, Sonnier had been waiting 12 years to reopen since Hurricane Katrina took out his old location on Esplanade.

"I was very much thinking of starting to raise equipment and get everything off the ground to prepare for the water to get inside," Sonnier said. He can't even imagine what would have happened if the rain didn't stop when it did.
 Well we might get another chance to ask, what would happen this weekend
 Eh but what are you gonna do? We live in a "City That Floods," right?

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