Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Well that's one

Julie Stokes is going to run for Secretary of State. She says she wants to protect us from "illegal voters."
In a campaign announcement video, Stokes says she's running to "protect the integrity of our elections, and to defend it from illegal voters and cyber attacks, because good government never flows from corrupt elections."
For a rebuttal from the anti-voter suppression side in this race, we turn to.... well, actually, nobody because Stokes is the only announced candidate.  Who else wants this plum of a statewide office?

A couple of weeks ago, Mark Ballard wrote that there were "15 Republicans and 5 Democrats" mulling it over.  But he didn't name any of them.  Ok, that's not exactly true. He references, the speaker of the House and "The Mayor Of Turkey Creek" in the first line of that article. We know the former is Taylor Barras. 

The Mayor of Turkey Creek is a person named Heather Cloud. Here she is in a Facebook video promising to "bring in the full force of the law" against individuals in possession of drugs in a local park. That probably doesn't bode well for her on voter's rights. Neither does this story which says she's already had one election result reversed by suing to have her opponent's votes disqualified. 

This is a November 6 special election. It would be nice to know if any candidates who actually support the right to vote are planning on getting in.

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