Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"There's been no overt campaign"

Interesting little story here about a meeting between incumbent Coroner Jeffrey Rouse and challenger Dwight McKenna brokered by US Rep. Cedric Richmond just prior to Rouse's dropping out of the race.  McKenna (who has run for this office before in rather flamboyant fashion) is now unopposed. That could change only if Rouse somehow ends up winning reelection even without campaigning. He would then, supposedly, resign setting up a whole new election.  So.. some people might still be interested in bringing that scenario about.
It is not clear if McKenna anticipates an organized effort to re-elect Rouse — who is white — against his wishes. So far, McKenna's candidacy has drawn some questions in the media, but there's been no overt campaign to deny him office.
No "overt campaign," OK. But if you're looking for a slightly less overt campaign against McKenna, you don't have to look very far. Just keep reading. 
He would be the first local politician in recent memory to be elected after serving time in prison for a felony, having been forced off the Orleans Parish School Board in 1992 when he was convicted in federal court of tax evasion.

"McKenna ... will always be best known as a tax cheat," The Advocate's James Gill wrote earlier this month.

The Times-Picayune's Tim Morris wrote a column titled, "Vote for the quitter. It's important."

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