Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Probably opened the Stargate or something

Careful. Who really knows what those old turbines are capable of?
New Orleans firefighters had responded to an apparent fire at a New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board facility in the Leonidas neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

The facility is located in the 8800 block of South Claiborne Avenue. Smoke could be smelled in the air outside the facility, although it was not immediately clear if there was damage, or how significant it was.

New Orleans Homeland Security Chief Aaron Miller and Mayor Mitch Landrieu were both on scene speaking with fire personnel.

One nearby resident said he heard what he thought was an explosion, followed by smoke before firefighters arrived.
So the testing is going well, it would appear. The other day the mayor said, "Every day we get stronger and soon we'll be back … in a better place than we have been in a very long time." Are they absolutely sure they aren't trying to open an interdimensional portal in there? Because that's probably the easiest way to get to "a better place" at this point. 

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