Wednesday, September 13, 2017

All about Mitch

The juicy rumor this morning is that Mitch Landrieu's PAC interviewed LaToya and Desiree last night with an eye, one supposes, toward deciding which to endorse, or at least support in some way since an explicit endorsement might not be not be the most welcome gift to any candidate.

Anyway, as Grace kind of points out here, it looks like Mitch has already partly decided on the basis of what's best for Mitch.  In this case, that would be snubbing his opponents in the previous two elections.

The letter Alford quoted omitted Michael Bagneris, the former Civil District Court judge who ran a harshly critical challenge against the mayor when he won reelection in 2014, as well as businessman Troy Henry, who ran against him in 2010.

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