Thursday, June 29, 2017

We've probably been picking on LaToya too much

It's probably just that she's been the most accessible thus far and so there is so much material. In truth, all of the mayoral candidates are very bad. We'll get to that in due course. But this one, especially is bad.
Scurlock, a businessman who has also pitched a plan to redevelop the Six Flags site in New Orleans East, was arrested May 6 on the neutral ground near the Davis monument. He said he was not at the site as a protester but rather to talk with people on both sides of the issue.

He said he was hoping to alert police to what he had learned when he was arrested.
To be specific, Scurlock is a bad candidate because he is supposed to be the joke candidate who livens up an otherwise boring field but instead he is painfully unfunny. He's not the loveable eccentric he thinks he is. He's more like a cross between a morning zoo shock jock and a racist NOLA.com comments guy. And since everyone is waiting for Torres to swoop in later and be Trump anyway, Scurlock is just a lame placeholder.

The real matter of interest in this item, though, concerns the judge.
Municipal Court Judge Paul Sens recused himself Wednesday from hearing the case against New Orleans mayoral candidate Frank Scurlock, who was arrested last month during a protest near the Jefferson Davis monument on Canal Street.
Sens doesn't know if he, or any other judge, can ethically sit on a case that could affect his former colleague Desiree Charbonnet's election prospects. So if you are looking for a potential get out of jail free card between now and October, consider running for mayor.*

*Caveat: Actually becoming mayor could itself be a ticket directly to jail so be warned.

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