Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Perfect example of "politics" as a meaningless pejorative

John Bel is vetoing some stuff today. (Yay! Punish the Republicans. Burn Them All just like we said he should) The rhetoric he's using to explain what he's doing, though, is nonsensical. Take this transportation bill, for example.
Under current rules, the House and Senate transportation panels can nullify projects authorized by DOTD but cannot add them.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Neil Abramson, D-New Orleans, would have allowed panel members to do so.

Jones said the change would undo reforms enacted four decades ago by former U. S. Rep. Richard Baker, then a state lawmaker.

Abramson disputed Jones' concerns.

The addition was made Senate by Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Page Cortez, R-Lafayette.

The governor said the bill was amended to change its initial mission, and became too political.
It's fine that the Governor wants to veto this. It punishes House Republicans by denying them access to one specific lever of patronage. But that decision is still "political." Everything they do in Baton Rouge is. 

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