Monday, June 12, 2017

"Career fraud people"

This was an enjoyable bit of background on our old friend Stuart "Neil" Fisher. The fact that he finally agreed to an extended interview is probably an indication that even he thinks his options for fighting the WTC development in court are exhausted. Fisher and his associates may be "career fraud people," as one attorney refers to them in this story, but career fraud people do get to know things in the course of their work. The next phase of this story may be enlightening.
Meanwhile, Fisher is refusing to give up. He’s got a hearing in the bankruptcy case scheduled for next month; in court records for that case, he lists as a potential asset the money he would make from filing a malpractice claim against Davillier. And while the court system in New Orleans hasn’t been kind to him, he said his next step is to expose the city’s "conspiracy and corruption" before a national audience.

"This is the next '60 Minutes' article,” he said. “I’m telling you."
It's also very possible is a public threat by Fisher to go public with embarrassing information he may or may not have. In which case he's expecting, as usual,  to be bought off.

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