Sunday, June 11, 2017

The 2018 disaster

Democrats should know they are not gonna be able to Ossoff their way through this. Naturally, they have no clue.
It is unclear, however, whether Democratic activists across the country will tolerate an army of Ossoff-type candidates in 2018, when party leaders believe the path to capturing the House runs through purple-hued suburban districts that are somewhat less Republican than Georgia’s Sixth.

Friction has already flared between Democrats heavily invested in Mr. Ossoff’s race and activists closely aligned with Mr. Sanders. In April, Mr. Sanders declined to say if he considered Mr. Ossoff a progressive, causing an uproar that he calmed by urging Mr. Ossoff’s election.

Nina Turner, a former Ohio state senator who is on the board of Mr. Sanders’s political organization, suggested in Chicago that Democrats risked slumbering through the revolution, offering an unofficial slogan for the party: “Hashtag, ‘Not Woke Yet.’”
Probably what will happen (if the polls are to be believe which.. who even knows anymore) is Ossoff will win. The Democrats will assume this means 2018 should be all about entitlement cuts and tax credits for "the Uber of..." the next whatever. Capture the magic, you know. 

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