Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cruel June

The Saints' 2017 season is only a few minicamp workouts old and they may already be in wait-til-next-year mode.  Here's the Terron Armstead story I read this morning. Let's see if I can recall the entirety of the damage without re-reading it first.

So there's Armstead out for what will be half the year at least. Unger is optimistic that he can come back from a Lisfranc injury by opening day. But those are actually pretty tricky so I wouldn't bet on it. Nick Fairley's heart is exploding. He might never be back. Umm.. who else... oh there's something wrong with Ellerbe again.  Is that all of them? Let me know if I missed something.

Anyway the trouble with the whole season being off the rails in June this time around is there aren't very many Payton/Brees years left.  I'd had it at 50/50 that this is the last one, in fact. And that was before it started looking like a lock for 7-9 again. So who knows if there will be a next year to wait for. But on the off chance that there is, maybe next June let's just lock everybody in the hyberbarric chamber until it's safe to play outside again.

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