Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The Decision

Bobby Jindal is going to make some sort of announcement.  It probably wont' be "Call me Marsha."
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is expected to make known his presidential plans in New Orleans on June 24, according to CNN , NBC news and Politico reports.

Jindal’s presidential exploratory committee will host a fundraiser and an invite-only reception in Baton Rouge on June 27 — with RSVPs requested within days of when he’s expected to announce whether he’s running for president.

According to invitations obtained by The Advocate, an event at the Governor’s Mansion that evening will feature LSU Football Coach Les Miles and New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton.
Don't be too hard on Miles and Payton.  You have to remember that, after the last round of budget cuts, Les is the only employee left at LSU.  You can see why he might feel like he's gotta do this. (OK, so, yeah Miles has been publicly supportive of Jindal for years and years but just go with this.)  As for Payton, he just does whatever Tom Benson says.

Anyway we're trying to guess where Jindal's New Orleans announcement is supposed to happen. For some reason, it doesn't appear on the Katrina10.org schedule of celebrations. Also, since it's happening  within his jurisdiction, can the mayor negate Jindal's candidacy by executive order?  I still haven't figured out how that works.

The best (non-joke) guess I've seen is he'll stage at some charter school.  In a recent speech, Jindal claimed education reform as a "lasting legacy" of his governorship.
Jindal's Monday (May 18) speech to the American Federation for Children had two uses of the phrase "I'm a conservative Republican," a dozen references to the American Dream, at least one use of the subjunctive mood -- and not a single mention of Common Core.

Three years ago, Jindal persuaded Louisiana lawmakers from both parties to pass reforms promoting free-market competition in education. That's what he wanted to emphasize to a national audience in New Orleans: not his fierce opposition to the academic benchmarks but his record of supporting a parent's right to decide where they wanted their child to go to school.

"One of the most important, lasting legacies, I believe, will be the reforms we've implemented in education, especially school choice," he said.
If anyone knows how to get tickets, please pass it on. 

Update: Here's the most likely answer. The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools Conference is finishing up in New Orleans on that date. Jindal will likely announce at that event. 

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