Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Everything was shit until Mitch Landrieu got to be mayor

Like, even the celebrated local landmarks were all screwed up because nobody knew what they were doing until now.  
Gallier Hall will undergo a $15 million renovation to shore up its crumbling façade and freshen up its interior, Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced Wednesday.

The city and state will kick in about $10 million to renovate the building’s exterior. Landrieu, meanwhile, has assembled a committee — chaired by his wife, Cheryl Landrieu — to raise $5 million to pay for interior improvements such as restoring chandeliers and renovating restrooms.

“When it’s finished, this ought to be restored to its original luster,” Landrieu said. “It’ll be a symbol for our 300th anniversary (in 2018) of what the city should look like had we done it right the first time.”
At least that's what I think this says. Gallier Hall wasn't "done right the first time" but now Mitch will fix it.

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