Monday, June 15, 2015

Sign of things to come

I think we're coming to understand which side of the Airbnb issue holds the hammer
A nascent attempt to enforce a ban on Airbnb-style rentals, long sought by neighborhood groups who see them as a corrosive nuisance, has been cut off before any of the accused landlords could be prosecuted.

Nine alleged operators of illegal short-term rentals in neighborhoods from Uptown to Faubourg Marigny were slated to appear Wednesday at administrative hearings, accused of violating the zoning code. City officials Monday (June 15), though, pulled their cases from docket.

A city spokesman, reached shortly before the close of business Monday, said that their cases had been pulled by court order as the result of a lawsuit. He said that he would not be able to get further information until Tuesday.

One side in this argument is made up of landlords and lawyers with lots of legal stroke. The other side is poors and people looking for rental housing. How's that gonna work out?

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