Monday, March 30, 2015

What was the post-Katrina "reform" period all about?

Sal Perricone is only speaking for the US Attorney's office here.  But it pretty much captures the spirit of the whole thing.
While Perricone sought to distance himself from the most racially insensitive remarks — “Didn’t Katrina demonstrate what 30 years of black rule can do to a city?” — the OPR found he had, in fact, authored those as well, posted under the moniker “campstblue.”
A lot of people speak about the commenting scandal with regret. But this little window into the psyche and motivations of the people who re-made New Orleans after the storm is invaluable. 

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Geo said...

Who says Sal Perricone was one of the people who re-made New Orleans post-K?
That's not to say that some of the people responsible for driving public policy in post-K New Orleans don't share this point of view, but its getting a bit cute to paint all the "people who re-made New Orleans" with this.
Also, its factually incorrect to say that black rule was responsible for the negligently designed and constructed outflow canal walls. Surprising that an AUSA would link the two.