Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Norquist The Great And Powerful

Except not if you look behind the curtain.
For some crazy reason, this episode is invisible to all the pundits who wail about Jindal's presidential intentions. They never, ever mention that Jindal broke his ATR pledge by voting for the farm bill in 2007*. Instead, they imply that Jindal has always been without "sin" when it comes to taxes.
It's kind of a big deal that nobody in our pack-minded press is reporting Jindal's record correctly. It allows him to get away with having been for a tax increase before he was against any tax increase.. but after he said he'd never be for one.  

If that sounds stupid, it's because it is.   Oyster's point is that by selectively ignoring the exception that disproves the easy "narrative" the political press is making Jindal's job easier.

I keep promising more on this but it's been a busy few weeks.  Still, I'll probably have more on this soon.

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