Saturday, September 20, 2014

The very quintessence of a hipster fight.

Okay nobody looks particularly good here.

To begin with, you shouldn't throw things at bartenders. Also, maybe don't fire your bartender for having things thrown at him. This town is going waay too far in the direction of that dreaded, "customer is always right" fallacy.

But really this is a story about hipsters arguing about hipster things at a hipster restaurant.
"There are a few things that we hold very dear. One of those is the city of New Orleans. Secondly, our guests," Lopez said. "We decided to terminate Max because of his actions and his mentality."

Messier and Lopez generally agree about the incident that ended the bartender's tenure at Square Root.

On Thursday (Sept. 18), Messier was working at Root Squared and telling two customers his opinion of New Orleans' culinary culture. Another customer took offense and threw a lemon at Messier.
"But what even is a hipster," you tiresomely ask?  It's someone who conspicuously consumes lifestyle trends in such a way that they become intensely personal identifiers which sometimes need defending via projectile fruit.

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