Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Can't make it any worse

Edwards Now more than ever
Very trippy photo of a Krewe Du Vieux "Edwards Now More Than Ever" float circa 2007

Yesterday, the Louisiana Democratic Party endorsed former Governor Edwin Edwards in the Sixth District Congressional race.
“I am pleased to have this and other endorsements from groups that are helping people who have an interest in promoting a better life for our nation and the district,” Edwards said in a statement. “I appreciate the vote of everyone because I am going to serve everyone.”

Louisiana Democratic Party Vice Chairman Shane Riddle said Democrats see a path to victory amid the crowded Republican slate.

“The 6th Congressional District is more challenging terrain for Democratic candidates since it was redrawn in 2011,” Riddle said. “I am impressed with the team and the energy coming from Team Edwards — and I have often been told to never count out Edwin Edwards.”
Can't imagine anyone would be surprised.  Edwards is the lone Democrat in a crowded field and presents the party with a legitimate chance to steal a seat.  The whole thing is a fascinating story.

Naturally there are pearl-clutchers.

Seriously that's a bit much.  Not that I don't sympathize.  There are legitimate reasons to be fed up with the Democratic Party.  In national politics, it is far too cozy with the financial industry.  I know it's a tall order for any President to put the brakes on our leviathan national security/surveillance state, but the current Democrat in office has only opened the throttle wider.   In Louisiana, our most prominent Democrats wholly owned by oil and gas.   It can be very frustrating.

But there's absolutely no value in laying down for the sake of "optics" or the "state's image" or whatever that nonsensical vanity issue is.  As Edwards himself says, electing him certainly can't make it any worse.
Edwards has no illusions about the state of partisan politics in Washington D.C. Still he is baffled by the inability to find common ground on some issues. “I find it difficult to understand why the Republican controlled House of Representatives won’t address equal pay. Won’t address minimum wage. Won't make at least an effort to provide a solution to immigration.”

Despite the realities, he is an optimist rattling off a classic EWE quip, “I tell people don’t worry I can’t make it any worse, but maybe I can make it a little better.”

As the interview wound down, Edwards spoke softy and earnestly about his reasons for running. “I like public service. I like to be in a position where I can get things done. A lot of average citizens have noone to turn to. I have experience being someone that listens and helps… I believe that I can make a contribution and I’m going to try.”

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