Saturday, July 05, 2014

Wonder what they actually fired him for

On Friday, the Fourth of July at 7PM.
Malachi Hull's troubled tenure managing the New Orleans Taxicab Bureau came to an abrupt end when Mayor Mitch Landrieu's administration announced Friday (July 4) that he had been fired.

Landrieu spokesman Tyler Gamble said Landrieu had asked Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux to investigate the bureau after several incidents led to the arrests of inspectors there
You could say that he was fired for incidents of brutality and intimidation toward drivers and tour guides instigated by his inspectors. But that seems unlikely since this butt-kicking style was probably what the mayor was looking for when he hired Hull to implement a series of reforms unpopular with drivers. Hull's heavy-handedness in Atlanta where he was employed when Landrieu hired him had resulted in a lawsuit.

So it could be that, with the mission accomplished, Hull just isn't as necessary as he once was.  But I'd consider the proposition that the administration was unhappy with his behavior maybe a bit dubious. 

On the other hand, he did write that C&D letter to Uber.  Mitch can't have liked that very much. 

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