Thursday, July 17, 2014



That's the scene on Jefferson Avenue about a week ago just near the JCC where the SELA project is applying very frightening heavy duty pieces of equipment to the construction of an underground drainage canal. They're about to make an even bigger mess as they reach the part where they have to cross St. Charles Avenue
"On Jefferson Avenue, what the contractor is getting ready to do is begin their canal construction in the St. Charles Avenue travel lanes, south of the neutral ground," said Wingate. "In order to do that, we need to get the traffic off. You'll have two lane traffic north of the neutral ground for about two to three blocks."

The nearby Jefferson Community Center sent out an email blast letting members know about the construction.

"Members, especially elderly members who need to come to the front entrance of the JCC, where our handicapped entrance is, can enter the JCC by coming Jefferson Avenue and taking a right on St. Charles," said JCC Executive Director Leslie Fischman. "There will be an opening for JCC members to drop off in the front circle. We'll probably use this for rainy day car pools as well for our nursery school."

According to the Army Corps of Engineers, when you're sitting in you vehicle, steamed because you hit one of these traffic nightmares, keep in mind when it's all over with you're going to have better drainage, brand new sewer and water line and a freshly paved roadway.

"Hopefully, this short-term inconvenience will produce long-term benefits," said Wingate.
In the meantime, get used to it.  We've got at least another three years before the last leg of this project is scheduled to wrap up.

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