Wednesday, July 09, 2014


This AZ post is not about the Ray Nagin sentencing. It's about coverage of the BP claims process.  Still this is a good line to have in mind on the day this creature the NOLA press created and sold to voters as an anti-corruption Dragonslayer is sentenced to ten years in prison for being one of the dumber and sloppier criminals to hold public office in recent times.

Anyway, here you go.
Folks, I want you to understand something if you don't already realize it....most mainstream media resources, on the whole, are bullshit PR printing presses....or rather pixel presses.  That holds true in our little swampy corner of the world in spades.
Nagin ended up getting 10 years which is probably the best he could have hoped for given the sentencing guidelines.  It's still an awful long time to be in prison. Remember how long Nagin's term in office seemed to all of us? This is actually longer than that.   There's a chance he'll only serve about 8 of those years but that would depend on Nagin exhibiting "good behavior" and when has that ever happened?

Anyway he's going to jail while others in similar circumstances (Fred Heebe, Gary Solomon, others) are apparently immune to prosecution and the people who decided Ray Nagin should be mayor in the first place are still picking our candidates for us today.

Also, for some reason, Mitch Landrieu was asked to say something.  He said, we're "moving forward."
Said Mayor Mitch Landrieu,“Today marks the end of a sad chapter for our city.  The people of New Orleans are turning the page and moving forward."
But if there's any actual progress, or even justice, in any of this, it isn't easy to pick out.

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