Saturday, July 05, 2014

What is the sound of lemony fresheness?

Looks like another round of noise crackdowns is in the works.
Mimi's in the Marigny — one of the central venues in the ongoing conversation about music permitting and noise ordinances — has suspended its live music schedule. As first reported this afternoon on NOLA.com, Mimi's music programming is taking a brief hiatus, though staff there haven't confirmed why.

Meanwhile, Buffa's Bar & Restaurant announced on its Facebook today that the watering hole and entertainment spot now faces a lawsuit from 1011 Esplanade Avenue Inc., alleging that it has violated the city's noise ordinance. The post also says the suit challenges Buffa's mayoralty permit allowing live music, though the venue has been a longtime fixture for music in the neighborhood.
Gambit further reports that "1011 Esplanade Avenue" belongs to Sidney Torres who the Buffa's owners say was something of a regular.. or at least a customer.  So what gives?  

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Anon said...

Look at the 5th comment down on the Gambit article...looks like Torres wants to sell his house, and the buyer-to-be is seeking pre-emptive retroactive NIMBY status.