Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Community RFP"

The Airport bidding process just keeps getting more and more complicated.
Stand with Dignity, a local labor group, announced on Thursday that it is launching a "community request for proposals," which will, among other things, ask the joint ventures to demonstrate their commitment to hiring locals, paying them a living wage and offering them opportunities to improve their careers.

The city's selection process for the contract includes requirements for the participation of disadvantaged business enterprises -- companies usually owned by minorities, women or veterans -- but it doesn't have much in the way of guarantees for workers, particularly those from poor communities, said Collette Tippy, lead organizer for Stand.

Stand's request for proposals mirrors that of the city. However, rather than asking them to demonstrate their experience and expertise, the labor group's request asks the joint ventures to detail how they will achieve Stand's employment and wage goals.

Stand has no official authority or legal standing to select a contractor for the airport project. Participation in the group's request for proposals is completely voluntary.
Just to clarify one point.  This "local labor group" doesn't appear to be affiliated with any of the building trades unions whose members would actually do the bulk of the work associated with these construction contracts.  Instead, they're kind of a weird mix of neighborhood groups, faith-based orgs, and.. the Cowan Institute.. for whatever reason. Oh and SEIU who only get things right about a third of the time.

Doesn't mean they're wrong to insert themselves or that their concerns won't be valid.  But they're different from simply "a labor group" and they certainly aren't the only "labor group" with a stake here. 

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Robert McClendon said...

Maybe I didn't make myself clear in the article. Stand is sort of a community action group, but it deals exclusively, as far as I can tell, with labor issues and is membership based. Yet, it doesn't negotiate contracts or anything, so it can hardly be called a union. In the future, I think I'll go with labor advocacy group rather than simply labor group. And those other organizations -- SEIU, catholic charities, etc. -- have no formal affiliation with Stand, they have just teamed up with Stand on this community RFP.