Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The temp pump decade

The controversial temporary outfall canal gates and pumps have been in place for 7 years now.  Already they're near the end of their intended life span.  You may recall the several problems experienced during last year's Isaac emergency including one pump that caught on fire and another that had to be started by a dude climbing out to pull the ripcord when it failed to start automatically.

Anyway, get ready for another 3-5 years of running these on bubblegum and duct tape. The contract to build the permanent structures has only just now been finalized.

A $614 million project to build permanent canal closures and pumps to keep storm surge out of New Orleans’ three outfall canals is expected to begin this fall, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Until that work is finished, interim closure structures built in 2006 will continue to be used to protect the Orleans Avenue, London Avenue and 17th Street canals from a 100-year-level storm surge.

The work will take 45 months to complete, according to the corps, meaning New Orleans will go through several more hurricane seasons with the temporary pumps and structures, which the corps has said have a limited lifespan.
Hurricane Season 2013 begins in less than a month.  Time just flies, doesn't it?

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