Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Must have read something funny in the chicken bones

Perhaps because they did not heed the advice of their witch doctor, the LA Supreme Court has ruled that Bobby Jindal's school voucher program which diverts public school funding to private schools which, in turn, may or may not offer anything like a 21st century science curriculum is not allowed under the state constitution.

Not that John White is deterred. He must have some extra change in his gris gris pouch he's not telling us about.
White has said he is confident that, even if vouchers were struck down, state officials will find a way to continue the aid.

He did not spell out specifics. White is in Washington, D.C. Tuesday.

Eric Lewis, who is state director of the Louisiana branch of the Black Alliance for Educational Options, which is a major backer of vouchers, said he is confident the assistance will continue.
“Superintendent White has committed that the program is going to be funded,” Lewis said.
Okay well good luck figuring out how to do that while the Governor is barely able to keep control over the budget process anymore.

But you never know where the money could turn up.  If there are this many "shadow" schools lurking about, there's bound to be a shadow budget somewhere, right?

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