Thursday, October 18, 2012

Uh oh, now how will the consultants earn their bonuses?

Jindal doesn't have enough votes in the Legislature to privatize the Office of Group Benefits yet.

BATON ROUGE -- Opponents of Gov. Bobby Jindal's proposal to privatize services provided by the state's Office of Group Benefits tentatively claimed victory Wednesday with the cancellation of a meeting called specifically to vote on the issue. But Jindal's commissioner of administration said in a statement that the privatization, which would eliminate about 177 state jobs, is still on the table and officials were putting it off to comply with legislative rules.
Jindal has been pushing this thing for well over a year now despite heavy criticism  on the grounds that 1) OGB is actually one of the most efficient departments in all of state government 2) Contracting out the department will reduce benefits and raise costs. And, of course, 3) there's plenty of waste money to be thrown at consulting firms in the process.

For the moment, it seems, he's hit a road block. Tom Aswell has more here.

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