Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Sometime in the future"

The NBA requires 2 years notice on this.  Benson hasn't even started the process yet. 

"I feel strongly that we need to change that name,’’ Benson said. "When the Jazz was here that meant something to New Orleans. So we have to have something like that. Sometime in the future we’ll get a new name and it will be that much better. Maybe one that relates to our community a little closer than the Hornets do.’’
He's 84.  He knows this, right?


adrastos said...

I dislike so many of the possible names that at this point I'm down with keeping the Hornets. I hate all the singular and cutesy ones in particular. The Spirit? Sheesh.

Golfhack said...

Simple, call them the "Fest", seems we have a festival every other week and it does fit.... We could InFest the other teams in the league.