Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh and also, the private schools suck

Which, in and of itself, is the hilarious punch line to all this.


The incontroverible truth is that private schools in Louisiana are, on the whole, significantly worse than public schools, and Governor Bobby Jindal and Superintendent John White, along with the support of the majority of the Louisiana legislature, have decided, as a matter of policy, to strip public funding away from struggling public schools and give taxpayer money to unaccountable, underperforming, and fly-by-night private schools. Stated another way, their policy, as public servants, is to take money away from publicly-owned assets and institutions, and provide those resources to failing and unaccountable religious institutions.

The Louisiana voucher program isn’t concerned with saving education; it’s primarily focused on using public funds to build and promote radical fundamentalist churches.
 There's much more. I won't waste your time with jokes. Just go read.

Update: Also  tomorrow in Baton Rouge there is a mandatory BESE public hearing on John White's proposed new rules for evaluating schools who wish to participate in the voucher program. Should be a lot of fun considering the remarkable week John White has had.

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Ricky P. said...

Glad the Shreveport colony of the Gannett empire headlined that story properly. Pretty simple: White lied.