Monday, July 30, 2012

Bucking the trend

Of course we're going to turn our latest human and ecological catastrophe into a "job creating" Hollywood South film project.  It's what we do.

Meanwhile, the Deepwater Horizon disaster will get its big screen treatment, courtesy of the Twilight producersDeadline reports that Matthew Sand's script (based on a The New York Times article by David Barstow, David Rohde and Stephanie Saul) got picked up.
Oh and meanwhile, via the above-linked post, we're sending our culinary cultural ambassadors to the Olympics where they can deliver BP's message for them. 

These chefs may think they're leveraging BP's cash to promote their region on a grand stage. "We wanted to feature the Gulf Coast on an international stage," BP director of Gulf coast media communications Ray Melick told the Montgomery Advertiser. "This was a good opportunity to bring these chefs’ seafood flavors to that stage, reminding everyone that the Gulf Coast is alive and well, and that the seafood is the most-tested and best-tasting anywhere." That last bit describes the real message BP is hiring Gulf chefs to convey: Everything's fine in the post-spill Gulf; the 2010 spill and any ill effects from it are dead and gone.

Keep wishing that so, guys.  Oh and enjoy London. 

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