Tuesday, July 31, 2012

John White is a liar

Lamar puts it as bluntly as one can.

Make no mistake: Regardless of the spin that Governor Jindal, his administration, and Superintendent White attempt to put on this issue, as I’ve stated before, this has nothing to do with ensuring accountability; it’s about justifying unaccountability. Both of these men, insidiously and under the banner of parental choice, are lying to you, to me, to the people of the Great State of Louisiana, and to the entire nation. It’s a sham, an attempt at a massive redistribution of public wealth into the hands of a select number of politically-acceptable, religiously-right, profiteering con-artists.
Jindal, meanwhile, couldn't care less about any of this.  As long as the policy bolsters his ideological bona fides, he's good to continue applying for his next job.  Up until yesterday, I was convinced there was no realistic chance that next job would be the Vice Presidency.  But then certain contrary indicators have emerged which have me re-thinking that assessment.

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