Monday, February 12, 2007

Return to Babbling Brook

The saga of the Babbling Brook continues. A full week and a half.. or so after the first indication of seepage from beneath our building, the gusher continues to roar untamed as more and more gallons of fresh water burst onto the sidewalk and into the drain.

On Sunday, as Carnival revelers made their way past my door to see the Krewe of Carrollton on the St Charles parade route, they were treated to the increasing spectacle that is our neighborhood geyser.

And here it is again today.

Our little fountain has become quite the tourist attraction as parade goers of all ages stop and marvel at its many wonders. This morning we had another conversation with Slumlord as well as one with the S&WB. Turns out both parties are disputing who is responsible for affecting these repairs. According to Slumlord, because the leak occurs on "their side of the meter" the city is responsible for sending a crew out to tear through the sidewalk and fix the pipe. S&WB tells us that they are responsible for anything "between the street and the building" but since this leak occurs at exactly the junction of the sidewalk and the building, they.. might agree to send out an inspector but seem to claiming they aren't responsible. I don't know but it looks to me like the city should be out here working on this. Slumlord, for his part, has been agitating as well as have most of the tenants here. He has also contacted Stacy Head's office so perhaps we'll see some movement soon. Meanwhile we're low low low on water pressure. ..and we've got company coming for Mardi Gras... including Consuela who I am certain will want to shower.

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