Monday, September 22, 2014

Venomous caterpillars

Always something, I guess.
NEW ORLEANS —Administrators for Tulane and Loyola universities are advising students be alert for stinging caterpillars frequently seen inching across areas of their campuses.

The puss moth caterpillar is typically an inch in length and range in color from white to dark brown. Don't let their small stature fool you though, within the thick hair covering their bodies is venom that can potentially cause harm to unsuspecting students, children and adults.

"They will not attack," Loyola professor Robert Thomas wrote in a public service announcement to the campus. "But you must be careful where you sit and place your hands when they are present."
We're all relieved to know that the caterpillars "will not attack," I'm sure. 

One has to wonder, though, how an announcement like this comes about.  It's basically, "Native animal to the area is native to this area."   But some university administrators had reason to put everyone on alert.  So I guess what I'm asking here is which one of them accidentally sat on one at Yulman Stadium last weekend?

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