Friday, September 05, 2014

"Frat boys"

Kind of a busy news day yesterday so the passing of the tent ordinance may have been missed. At least one City Councilmember chose not to be a hypocrite.
(Nadine) Ramsey said she was uncomfortable that the ordinance does not require the city to provide prior notice to people who are in violation of the law before their belongings are removed.

“We know that’s not constitutionally right,” said Ramsey, a former Civil District Court judge.

The administration said that even though such language would not be codified in law, it would be included as part of the city’s policy for dealing with homeless encampments. That policy will be presented to the council in the form of a resolution at a later date, City Attorney Sharonda Williams said.

“My concern is you’re going to have the most vulnerable people being subjected to the whims of whomever is out there that day,” Ramsey said. “I think any protections we can give ... because we can say this is not about homeless people, but it is. That’s why it came up.”
 She'll learn eventually, though.  She's new. Stacy and Latoya are old pros now. 
This ordinance builds on that action with the intention of protecting public health, Cantrell said.

“The purpose of this ordinance is to update the city’s authority regarding public rights of way and public spaces,” she said. “The bill is not just about the recent issues we have had in protecting health and public safety when the homeless encampments were removed under the freeway but proactive ways to address those concerns before they reach that level.”

Councilwoman Stacy Head said the ordinance’s impact would extend beyond the homeless, citing “frat boys” as an example of another group with a tendency to erect tents on the neutral ground and in other public places.
Were there any "frat boys" in the encampment under the overpass?  I remember they found one LSU Tiger.
On Thursday, Malcolm Scott, a hulking 52-year-old with arms like tree trunks, beckoned a reporter over to where he sat nibbling on a donated ham sandwich.

A former football standout for LSU, Scott played two seasons as a tight end in the NFL before getting injured.

He said he’s working an occasional construction job for minimum wage, while spending his nights at shelters.
“I’ll stay at the mission for 21 days, the Oz for 14 days, then maybe with a girl until she kicks me out,” he said. “I’ve been stuck here for a long time.”

“The TV stations almost did a story on me,” he added. “If you write about me, make sure you mention I’m an LSU Tiger.”
Maybe that's close enough.   I can't think of any other cases where one might find frat boys in tents around town.  Oh unless she means this.

Pretty sure those tents will still be allowed.  But we'll check back during Carnival just to be sure.  Maybe we should move the homeless to the parade route. 

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