Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I don't ever let a robot tell me shit

I use Twitter. A lot of people do.  It's a fun thing. You can use it to share links, make jokes, stalk and harass strangers, rage into the void about improperly prepared food, and many other things you might enjoy. 

One thing I don't like to do so much on Twitter is spam people with links to this blog. Every now and then I might reference it in conversation but mostly I try not to be that guy constantly yelling at people, "HEY LOOK I POSTED A THING ON MY SITE."  If people want to be notified every time a blog updates, they'd subscribe to the rss feed, right?

Well, it turns out, not everybody does that.  And it turns out a lot of people just ping their Twitter feed whenever they post. Which is fine, I guess.  But I still don't want to do that.  Instead I'm trying this. 

@TheYellowBlog is a robot I made.  All it does is post this blog's rss feed to Twitter.  If that's the sort of thing you want to see in your Twitter timeline you can follow it. If not, no big deal. The worst that can happen is nobody gets spammed.

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