Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rocking the boat in the little pond

The problem for The Lens is, despite all the talk about the "entrepreneurial boom" in New Orleans, this is still a small town with a limited pool of money in too few hands. Inevitably, your revenue model depends on keeping those hands open to you.  All it takes, then, is one asshole to fuck your shit up.
The source of The Lens’ recent financial shortcomings has been two-fold, editor Steve Beatty told me. A local donor was unhappy with some of The Lens’ coverage and decided to pull a significant pledge that The Lens had been counting on and used to make new hires.
Unfortunately the lesson a lot of people learn is, don't piss off the wealthy assholes. I don't think this is what The Lens will take away from it. At least I hope it isn't. I try to help with my little donation. But I am a poor whose money doesn't count for much. 
The Lens has about 500 individual members, and most give in smaller amounts. Altogether that accounts for less than 10 percent of the outlet’s total revenue. 
One way or another, the news you read is determined by what the money people want you to read.  

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