Thursday, September 25, 2014

Side effects of the grifting

Bobby Jindal is leaving quite a legacy with regard to health care policy in Louisiana.  If he wants to campaign for President on his privatized market-driven wonderland he's created here, he's going to have some uncomfortable questions to answer about it.
At Interim LSU, where trained nurses see about 20 to 25 sexual assault patients per month, nurses until recently were instructed to reassure victims they would not be billed. Although the public hospital was not required by law to do so, it for years absorbed the costs of these exams and all the related medical expenses, area sexual assault victim advocates said.

"Now that's changed," Tonkovich said.

The hospital, Tonkovich said, began billing victims for exams after the state last year turned control of the hospital over from Louisiana State University to a private entity, Louisiana Children's Medical Center, now known as LCMC Health. Recent victims have received bills totaling more than $2,000, Tonkovich said.
But then, "Pay for you rape kit" is already a favorite policy among GOP superstars so maybe Jindal is just fine with this.

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