Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Ritaversary

This week marks the ninth anniversary of Hurricane Rita's pass through the Gulf of Mexico.  The  storm made landfall along the Texas/Louisiana border.. less than a month after New Orleans and cities along the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts were devastated by Katrina.

In an unrelated matter, a wall of sheet piling fell over at the 17th Street Canal today.

Hurricane Season still has about two months to go.


Joseph Musco said...

I lived in Florida at the time and local news reported the evacuation rate of the Florida Keys at around 50% during Rita. This is with Jeb Bush as Governor the national GOP playing pin the stupid on Gov. Blanco and local Democratic leadership in New Orleans for not getting people out of town post-Katrina. People just don't want to leave their homes in an emergency. Many cannot leave even if they wanted. Having a favorable environment for emergency response teams is not the same thing as having good outcomes for the people who live in a disaster area. Let people stay home.

whynotnow said...

Thank you for remembering. That day nine years ago marked the end of the world I knew. I have a house somewhere else, but I still feel homeless.