Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Mary Landrieu responding to criticism about her appearance at an LSU tailgate over the weekend.
On another issue, Landrieu laughed off a question about her role on Saturday at an LSU tailgate site where she briefly held a beer spigot for a thirsty beer lover.

They need to get a sense of a humor, and they need to get a life,” she said of GOP critics.

“It’s just the way we roll. The gentleman that did that is 28 years old and he has also graduated. He has a master’s in business. So I think he can make a decision for himself what he’d like to do.

“I thought I did pretty well by not doing it myself and just helping him,” Landrieu said with a laugh.
Most people know that LSU football tailgates are a marquee stop along the Louisiana campaign trail.  During major elections, you can eat pretty well just mooching off of the spreads set up by the several campaigns.  A keg stand assist in this environment is basically the equivalent of a baby kiss elsewhere.

Of minor note in this story is that Mary tactfully declined to endorse Edwin Edwards in the District 6 congressional race. But that isn't really news. The two of them have never really gotten along.

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