Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's all very rational and serious

The rush to bomb the shit out of whatever
The news media may already be in the process of exaggerating the public’s desire for military action, which could accelerate the cycle in which politicians perceive a public desire and rush out to meet it, thereby feeding the perception that more aggressive action is both necessary and inevitable. As you watch all the coverage, keep in mind that the media loves war. It’s too simplistic to say this is just because it attracts readers and ratings. War is everything the news thirsts after: it’s big, it’s important, it’s historic, it’s dramatic, it’s full of conflict and excitement and uncertainty.
Therefore Obama will say comforting things to us tonight.  That way we'll all feel really good about ourselves when we bomb the shit out of whatever anyway. Unless he wears an ugly suit. Then we'll all be really mad.  We'll still drop some bombs, though. 

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