Tuesday, July 10, 2018

What "employment centers" though?

Weird tidbit in this story about RTA's new ferries.
Justin Augustine III, the vice president of the RTA's manager, Transdev, described the ferry boat's trip Tuesday as "history in the making." The two boats will replace existing ferries built in 1977 and 1937.

In particular, Augustine highlighted the new boats will have a far greater range of mobility that the old vessels, which only travel straight from one bank to the other in downtown and Algiers. The new boats, Augustine said, will be able to branch out across the river as well as up and down, opening the possibility to service areas beyond the two terminals.

"Hopefully, we can serve the employment centers up and down the river to build ridership, to get better utilization of the river and to create a sense of better utilization of the commercial waterways of the Mississippi River for passenger purposes," Augustine said.
Okay but there are only the two terminals.  What are the other "employment centers" these boats are going to? Where will they pick people up? Where would they take them?

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